About Us

AcraDyne offers a full line of high torque, traceable, and critical bolting systems for the Energy Services sector: Wind Power, Solar, Nuclear, Mining, and more. AcraDyne’s portfolio ranges from 1 – 17,000 Nm. Its cutting-edge high-torque bolting systems are specifically designed for critical high torque bolting applications that demand superior performance and durability. AcraDyne tools can handle the toughest and most important bolting jobs. The faster speed, coupled with its extreme accuracy, makes AcraDyne’s bolting system an outstanding cost-effective investment.

Designed and Assembled in the USA

AcraDyne continues to provide new and efficient solutions to support all aspects of the Energy Services value chain, seeking to help mitigate a portion of the carbon footprint to create a cleaner and more resilient world.

The race against the climate crisis is driving the industry toward faster and “smarter” production and Industry 4.0 integration, as digitalization is now a necessary requirement, and data a vital tool for quality assessments. AcraDyne’s innovative line offers traceable and critical bolting systems ranging from 1 - 17,000 Nm.

Severe remote environments are tough on even the toughest tools. It is necessary for tools to not only be durable, but consistently sustain long-term reliability and certification. Continued success in the field proves the total cost of ownership of AcraDyne’s bolting products is the lowest in the industry.

Our Story

For more than 50 years, AcraDyne’s parent company AIMCO, a third-generation family business, has been working with manufacturers around the world, providing complete solutions for critical fastening and bolting applications. 

As AIMCO established itself as one of the nation’s largest and most innovative suppliers of pneumatic power tools and mechanized assembly systems, it saw an opportunity to launch its own manufacturing division in 1989, AcraDyne, to design, manufacture, and market assembly systems to feed and drive screws or tighten nuts.

Responding to customer needs, in 2000 AcraDyne launched its line of DC Controlled Tools, enhancing itself in the market. In 2012, AcraDyne launched one of the world’s first High Torque DC Controlled Tools. Believing strongly that it could play a role in combatting the climate crisis, in 2020 AcraDyne introduced its line of HTXD Extreme Series Bolting tools for the ever-expanding bolting requirements of the green energy sector. AcraDyne is proud to be a member of the value chain that helps mitigate carbon footprint in order to create a cleaner and more resilient world. 

It is with great pride that the products AcraDyne manufactures are DESIGNED AND ASSEMBLED IN THE USA

Our team 

Rudy Horne

Founder, Brand Strategist

Sabrina Philip

Creative Director

Cruz Lowry

Digital Marketing Manager